Summer Must-Haves for Dogs

Summer Must-Haves for Dogs

Summer is almost here. Are you and your pets ready for some fun in the sun? I have put together a list of summer must-have products designed to keep your pets entertained, hydrated, safe, and even clean this summer.


Summer Fun

Kids aren’t the only ones who love summer, our pets love summer too. Pets enjoy being outdoors, being active, and of course, playing. An all-time favorite is the irresistible game of fetch. Unfortunately, many dogs have so much energy, we usually get worn out long before they get tired. The Chuckit® Classic Launcher is the perfect solution. It allows you to throw a ball farther with less effort so that your arm won’t wear out. You can also use it to launch sticks, and for a little variety, they even make a Chuckit® Ring Launcher to launch a ring that bounces and rolls. Best of all, these launchers allow you to pick up the ball or ring without using your hands so you can keep your hands free of slobber and slime. If you have a frisbee dog, the Chuckit® Fetch Flight frisbee is designed to be easy to throw, easy to catch, and easy for your dog to pick it up.

Safety Tip: Remember to take it easy and not overdo it on a hot summer day. Avoid running or playing with your dog during the middle of the day when it’s hottest. Instead, exercise or play with your pooch in the early morning or evenings when it is typically cooler. And remember to stay hydrated!


Whether playing in the park, hiking along a trail, or playing on the beach, remember to bring water for yourself and your pet. Remember to bring a bowl since most dogs have trouble drinking from a water bottle. Fortunately, there are lots of great options for a travel bowl. I like Bella Roma travel bowls because they are lightweight, collapsible, and unlike cloth travel bowls, they keep their shape and hold water better. They even come with a carabiner so you can easily clip them to your purse, backpack, or your dog’s harness or leash.

During the dog days of summer, make sure your pets have access to fresh water. Encourage your pet to drink with a Petmate Fresh Flow Home fountain. The Petmate Fresh Flow Home fountain is like having an artesian spring in your home. The fountain provides a running supply of fresh water. It recirculates water through a carbon filter to keep it fresh and odor-free.

Safety Tip: Be sure your pet has access to water and shade whenever they are outside. Always carry water and bowls whenever you are out with your pet.

Safety Products

Be water-safe with your pets. Not all dogs are good swimmers. If you take your dog to the ocean, lake, or on a boat, make them wear a life vest if they aren’t strong swimmers. Choose a life vest specifically designed for dogs, and make sure it fits properly.

When the weather gets hot, remember that the ground gets hotter! Asphalt and sand absorb heat. They can get hot enough to scorch your pet’s sensitive pads. Protect your pet’s feet by investing in dog booties. Remember, if the ground is too hot for you, it’s too hot for your dog.


After a long day at the park, beach, or mountains, you and your dog will return happy, tired, and most likely, dirty. Don’t let the dirt faze you. It’s easy to keep your dog looking like they just came from the groomer. Remember to use a high-quality pet shampoo specially formulated for pets, like VetDerm Solutions Super Hydrating & Conditioning Pet Shampoo. As a vet, I often saw people use human shampoos or harsh pet shampoos to bathe their dogs. Although their pet smelled great by our standards, these heavily perfumed shampoos overwhelmed their dog’s sensitive sense of smell and left their pet’s skin and coat dry and itchy. That’s why I teamed-up with dermatologist and founder of SkinResource.MD Dr. Paul Dean to make VetDerm Solutions Super Hydrating & Conditioning Pet Shampoo. Our shampoo combines the highest quality ingredients to cleanse, hydrate and soothe your pet’s sensitive skin. It’s tear-free and kind to your dog’s sensitive nose with no added fragrances.